Genius Within

Genius Within CIC is a social enterprise established in 2011 to help people with neurodiversity to fulfil their potential in employment and their careers.

The BBC2 series, Employable Me and now Employable Me 2 has featured Genius Within’s work with disabled jobseekers as the prove that disability should not be a barrier to employment. You can find out more here.

Dr Nancy Doyle, C. Psychol. leads Genius Within as CEO to improving the way neurodiversity is treated in the workplace.  She is also the founding member of a British Psychological Society Working Group, providing guidance to other Psychologists in the field.  Nancy wrote a guide to neurodiversity at work for the British Psychological Society and has contributed to many other publications and expert reference groups with organisations such as ACAS, ERSA and the DWP.

Nancy’s research work in evaluating coaching and demonstrating a tangible impact from managers’ perspectives was commended by the British Psychological society, in their 2013 annual Occupational Psychology Awards. Nancy has completed her Doctoral Research at City, University of London into the effectiveness of coaching used as a disability accommodation. Dr Doyle was recognised in 2019 for her contribution to Policy Impact in Occupational Psychology by the BPS.

Genius Within’s Mission

“We are working towards a future where all people with neurodiversity will be able to maximise their potential and work to their strengths.

We seek a future where those with problems at work, difficulty finding work or in custody receive the positive assessment, coaching and support that they need; and where children are educated to the power of their potential.”


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